Why do you need a wedding planner?

So, as it is possibly by most frequently asked question I thought I would delve into the details even further within this blog post!!

Whilst I will most definitely be telling you ‘WHY’ you may need to hire a wedding planner, I really want to tell you the amazing benefits having a wedding planner on your side throughout your special planning journey can have!

As I write this, I really want every lovely bride, groom, family member whoever may be reading this to understand there is never and should never be any pressure to have a wedding planner, you have to do what’s best for you and your partner and is something I am incredibly passionate about, your day and everything about it should wholeheartedly be ‘yours’!

On that note, the first benefit of having a wedding planner is that they truly care about you, your vision and everything you specifically want to achieve and they will do everything in their will and within their means to ensure everything is to your desired specification, with your budget and simplify the whole process.

Not only does a wedding planner help you with the overall planning, sourcing, and logistics, because you will be speaking so regularly they get to understand your individual taste, style & requirements. So when it comes to making decisions they will be able to help you whittle down choices and if required, make decisions on your behalf, comfortable in the knowledge that they understand you and your personalities complicitly!

For instance, on your wedding day, do you really want coordinators, caterers, photographers whomever it may be, asking you questions and checking what you would like here and there, what time you would like this ahhh! NO. To put it quite simply, for me, I just wouldn’t allow it. I want both you and your guests to have the most seamless experience throughout the whole duration. 

& so if it was a case of the venue needing an answer on the day, rest assured, your planner would know the right option for you. With all documents in hand from the very start of your planning process they would be able to find any documentation necessary should anything be required! Your planner is not only your organisational angel, they will be your trusted friend, ensuring entirely that your day is exactly how you envisioned.

Not only that, you will be given your planners undivided attention. Particularly for me, I only have capacity for a limited number of weddings each year, to ensure exactly that! I truly want to give my couples the attention they quite rightly deserve.

Whilst having a co-ordinator at your wedding venue is amazing, and they will work very hard for you, they also will have many other weddings and couples and may just not be able to give you that extra helping hand.

Hiring your very own wedding planner will give you that extra assurance, guidance and overall sparkle for your special day!

Your wedding planner will be able to give you qualified knowledge of all elements of your wedding planning process, from sourcing suppliers perfect for you to tracking your budget implicitly, they will be on hand to help through it all. Making suggestions along the way and guaranteeing no important details go overlooked whether that be legally or aesthetically!

They will also typically have strong relationships with many wedding suppliers and whilst you will be paying for your planners services, you may also gain exclusive discounts through their industry connections! It’s a win win!

When it comes to your wedding vision, they will be able to offer advice, inspiration and ensure all the finer details are incorporated for you. They will also be the voice of reason when and if required, to keep you on track both with your planning timeline and overall budget.

Overall, not only will your wedding planner help save your time, stress and allow you space to embrace all of the important moments, your planner will have your best interests at the heart of your whole planning journey. They will become your good friend and truly ensure your day is exclusively yours!

My bespoke service means that every single aspect will be accounted for, to ensure everlasting memories for both you and your guests. From concept to completion, together, we will create a story that you will keep close to your heart, for a very long time.

To learn more about my wedding planning services, please complete an enquiry form or email me on alicia@aliciamarieweddings.co.uk and we will arrange a complimentary consultation call for you both!

Happy planning!


Alicia x