Six Wedding Suppliers Reveal Top Wedding Trends for 2024

Oh my goodness… I honestly can’t even believe we are yet again at the start of another year – don’t they just seem to zip by quicker and quicker each year? Craziness!

Anyway, I have been catching up with lots of my lovely couples and talented suppliers for the wonderful year of weddings ahead and I wanted to share a handful of common themes that seem to be cropping up more and more…

I don’t necessarily believe in ‘trends’ as such, as I genuinely think each wedding should be a true reflection of each individual couple and tell their unique story… Yes, I understand there are of course similarities within weddings BUT I think the true memories are created in the details that are totally and completely you!

SO! Let’s dive into a few wedding elements and what I and some amazing suppliers think 2024 has in store!

  1. Wedding Planning by Alicia Marie Weddings

“One thing that is most definitely a common thread amongst most of my couple’s conversations is that the ‘traditional’ elements of wedding days and becoming less and less adhered to… & I am 100% here for it!

Couples are choosing to challenge the norm and follow their hearts as opposed to ‘wedding rules’. For example, not staying separately the night before and having their final night together which I do think is super sweet & special! 

A sneaky first look is also something that a lot of couples are keen on, rather than doing photos after the ceremony, some couples are opting to do some special photos of just the two of them, before they walk down the aisle.

Finally, surprises seem to be a thing of 2024 which I am VERY excited for, whether it be couples planning some surprises for their guests OR brides/grooms planning surprises for their partner… I think as long as it is a ‘planned’ surprise and nothing too off schedule I am more than excited about this!! ”

  1. Floral trends by Kim of Dreamboats & Carousels

“Florals we see being big (or continued to be favoured in 2024) are botanical-foliage varieties that will be prevalent in weddings this coming year to create scale and coverage, delivering impact in design and a sense of ‘bringing the outside in’, alongside the more subtle touches of botanical through dainty stems under place names, or botanical print in the linens. 

Acidic green and sharper tones are something we expect to see more being used amidst the foliages in weddings in 2024. Couples are also becoming braver with colour, embracing vibrancy and contrast, and choosing colours that uplift and bring joy!

Finally, we’re predicting more in volume and frequency in 2024 is grouping of single varieties of florals within an overall larger design. It’s a modern take on floral design which we love, and we feel offers a fluidity and sense of flowery storytelling within a design or event while also being interesting and distinctive visually!”

Photo Credit: Katy Melling

  1. Wedding Cakes by Dominique of Poppy Pickering Cakes

“I am seeing lots of bows, pearls, minimalistic cakes, and textures. Meadow fresh floral arrangements encircling the wedding cakes seem to be popular for 2024 along with vintage royal iced looks.

I think that the new Pantone Peach Fuzz will be popular as it’s such a pretty accent tone that works with lots of other colour hues.”

  1. Stationery by Eliza May Prints

“2023 was a big year for venue illustration designs and it’s continuing through to 2024. What could be more personal than a hand-drawn illustration of your wedding venue or a detailed map to help guests find their way. This wedding stationery trend is the perfect way to ensure your invites are unique to you and your wedding venue. 

One of my favourite wedding stationery trends right now is the rise of different-shaped invitations. Gone are the days of rectangular cards, you can now add your own playful touch to the design. From circular to triangular and geometric, there’s endless fun to be had with different-shaped inserts.

Not only are handmade paper invitations beautiful, they’re also an eco-friendly option.  The timeless feel of the handcrafted paper contrasted with minimalist design is a perfect match for modern weddings and why they’re becoming such a popular trend for 2024. 

Bows! 2024 is the year of the Bow – they’re back and bigger than ever! If you’ve been scrolling through social media recently, you’ll have seen that beautiful bows are everywhere right now. There are a number of ways to incorporate them into your stationery, such as hand-drawn illustrations of bows, delicate ribbon bow embellishments, or even bow-shaped cards. Whichever way you choose, they’re sure to add an elegant and romantic touch to your wedding stationery.”

  1. Wedding Photography by Lewis Membery

“Going into 2024 more couples are creating multi-day events for the guests, giving them the ability to have a weekend with their friends and family. 

Couples want these moments captured along with their wedding day, so as a photographer, it truly gives us the ability to tell the full story of the couple and their nearest and dearest. 

You can fully immerse yourself within the family, adapt and learn the dynamics of each character, and better portray them within their final gallery!” 

  1. Music & Entertainment by Dan at The Function Band

“In terms of music trends in 2024 for weddings and events, first and foremost, everyone is different and will have their unique musical tastes. For us as a band, this is so important that each client’s personality is coming through in the music, and it is bespoken to them individually. 

On the other hand, in general, people getting married in 2024 are from the same generation, and most likely grew up in the noughties. So we have found in the last few years that there is a real want for old-school music like Garage, R&B, and Hip Hop. 

I do always think to myself, in 10 years time, is there going to be a shift away from that, and instead is everyone going to be wanting Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Dua Lipa? Yeah, they probably will!’

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