Wedding Dress Shopping Tips and Tricks

OK – Let’s be honest, your wedding dress, could be one of the most important parts of your day…

BUT… I am here to relieve the pressure and give you all my tips / tricks / words of wisdom from both a bride’s and a planner’s point of view.

So, firstly, let’s get things into perspective. When I started thinking about my dress, I remember saying that it was the most important purchase of my life “more than a property” is the exact line I used…

And while that was a touch dramatic, I do appreciate it is such a big thing! But So, here’s what I believe made my experience the best it could be and will hopefully help you:

  1. Start with booking just one boutique to avoid overwhelming yourself
  2. Practice a little self-care, whether it is an at-home face mask an early night, or a relaxing bath – do something that makes you feel good
  3. This one is a little strange, but go with it… Have low expectations, I am truly not a negative person in any way, but I actually think having little to no expectations of what your experience is going to be, allows it to be a little less pressured if it doesn’t go exactly how you had planned in your mind!
  4. Plan a day around the booking so that you aren’t just focussed on the dress, book a lunch for after so you have something else to look forward to
  5. Really and truly keep an open mind, try on a variety of styles to start with but then nail down the style of dress you feel best in and keep with that – not what looks best on ‘Instagram’ but what looks and feels best for YOU and you only.
  6. Don’t try too many on / go to too many shops. My sweet spot was 3 boutiques and because you can go on forever and ever.
  7. Once you have made your decision, don’t keep looking at other dresses. Delete any content you possibly can from your feeds / photo albums, the dress you have chosen was meant for you, go with it and trust!
  8. Stay true to YOU and your style – that’s where the magic happens!
  9. The less you would change about the dress the better – if you really wouldn’t want to change much, that’s the one!
  10. Finally, ensure you feel absolutely comfortable and confident in it – can eat, drink, and dance the night away and still feel absolutely incredible because believing in your beauty is the best possible outfit you can wear!

I truly love to talk all things weddings – wherever you are in your process, I would love to help. Everything I do is entirely unique to you! To learn more about my tips, approach, and services, please complete an enquiry form and we can arrange a complimentary consultation to come up with a perfect plan tailored to you and your partner, or email – I’d love to help!


Image: Hermia Bridal