The Benefits Of Having An On-The-Day Coordinator

If you are one of the many lovely couples planning their own special day, but still a little curious about what wedding day coordination can offer, this one’s for you!

What is a wedding day coordinator?

So! An on the day wedding coordinator is the person responsible for ensuring the wedding day or weekend, is executed seamlessly. 

Their role includes liaising with all suppliers, managing the timeline, coordinating the on the day schedule, finding solutions to any last-minute challenges that may arise during the event, and much more.

Opting to have a wedding day coordinator is the perfect choice for those couples who have already spent so much time and effort into planning their special day, but want to ensure, after all their hard work, that the day runs smoothly.

It’s the perfect combination for those who want to plan every element of their wedding but don’t necessarily want to be with clipboard in hand whilst walking down the aisle!

In other words, you have all the control without any of the stress, allowing you to enjoy every single second of your wedding day!

What are the responsibilities of a wedding day coordinator?


Logistical planning is easily one of the main, and most important parts of on-the-day coordination. Your chosen coordinator should arrange a meeting with you, at the very least one month prior to your special day, to talk all things logistics!

They will review absolutely all elements of your wedding day, from your contracts to all agreements made with suppliers, to ensure they are brought up to speed with everything and that they are comfortable in the knowledge they explicitly understand exactly what you have been promised and most importantly, paid for.

It is key to note, that even if you have been carefully planning your special day for 5 years, there may be details that have become overlooked in all the excitement, and this is where your coordinator will pull together all the pieces, in the flawless execution of your day.


Essential for your wedding day to run smoothly and successfully is the on-the-day schedule/timeline. This may be something that you have already drafted, in which your coordinator will work closely with you to review and adjust accordingly. 

If you don’t yet have a timeline, do not worry, your coordinator will support you in creating a very detailed timeline for the day, ensuring all times are realistic, match with your supplier agreements and also take into account any priorities you may have for your day.

Something you really don’t want to be worried about on your day is checking your watch to ensure suppliers are sticking to the schedule. By having a professional on board, you can rest assured that they are taking care of everything, allowing you to enjoy every single second!


Your on-the-day coordinator will make contact with all suppliers in advance of your day, to create relationships and ensure absolutely everyone is on the same page and has all the correct details, key information, and timelines. 

They will make sure nothing gets lost in translation and will act as the main point of contact in the lead-up and on the day itself, allowing you the reassurance you aren’t going to be tapped on the shoulder by your caterer asking you about a guest’s dietary requirements!

Your coordinator will have a bible of all documentation and will be the go-to person for every supplier and enable everyone to work together smoothly as a team, without having to bother you, or your guests!


Every good planner/coordinator will be able to think on their feet as any situation may arise, armed with a plan B, C, D possibly even Z!

They will be able to troubleshoot any challenge or problem, calmly and seamlessly, so nobody even knows and absolutely nothing is brought attention to the bride, groom, or guests. Allowing you to be completely rest assured.


From the floor plan and seating to the menu and table layout, your coordinator will want to know all of the details of what you have pictured for your day to ensure that all details have been taken care of in time for your arrival.

They will need to know clearly what it is you have envisioned so that they can communicate clearly and effectively with other suppliers to make sure everything is exactly to your desired specification.

They may even be able to offer suggestions to make it that little bit more special and personal to you!


Something your coordinator should also offer you is the opportunity to visit your venue together and walk through everything you have discussed and reviewed before your wedding day. 

This will be insightful for both coordinator and yourselves, as it may provoke things that had not yet been thought of and will also provide you with peace of mind that everything you have run through up to this point, has been clearly translated and understood by your coordinator.

TIP: Why not have a celebratory tipple with your coordinator at the end of your meeting, just to add a little more to all of the excitement as the countdown will well and truly be on at this point! 

For me personally, my sole aim as a couples on the day coordinator is them and ensuring that everything they have worked so hard to plan is executed just as they have been dreaming of for so long!

I want them to be able to truly enjoy every single day and never look back and think ‘oh goodness that was a little stressful!’ I am truly passionate that neither of you should have to oversee the day, or focus on anything but enjoying your beautiful day!

On the day, I will be there to assist both bride and groom. Working busily, quietly, and effectively ensuring every detail is in place, every supplier is on time, and that every single guest is happy and smiling, allowing your day to run smoothly and that memories to last a lifetime unfold.

To learn more about my on-the-day coordination or to arrange a complimentary consultation, please contact me, I would be honoured to help!


Alicia x