Ten Wedding Suppliers Reveal Their Secrets

It’s no secret that those that work in the wedding industry may just know quite a bit about weddings!

SO! I have called on a few wedding friends to give you a few pearls of their wisdom when it comes to choosing and booking all of your wedding elements!

From wedding planner (me!) to your wedding stationery, florist to your caterer and everything in between, read on as some very lovely and experienced suppliers reveal their little secrets!


Alicia Marie Weddings

“I say it time and time again, but I truly believe you have to trust your gut when planning your wedding. Go with your instinct & do your research when choosing your suppliers. Never settle, this is your day and it has to be right for you. 

Your chosen suppliers are essentially your wedding team – make sure the people you surround yourself with at such a special time are looking out for you and have your best interests at heart!

Also, make sure the choices you make are what you both really want, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, this is your moment & you deserve to enjoy every second exactly how you want to”


Seed & Wild:

“I would say to any couples looking for their wedding florist to first look at their style, it’s important to choose a florist whose style you love and who you can trust 100% with your vision. 

When it comes to booking your florist it’s important you get along, so I would always recommend an in person or zoom consultation, just so we can get to know each other, it’s super important that a florist and a couple gel. We will be in contact with each other on and off for what can sometimes be 2 years!

And finally and my most important tip of all is, enjoy the process!”


Rebecca Clare Photography

“My advice to couples would be to make sure you connect with your photographer on a personal level before hiring them. Choosing a photographer who is the right personality fit is just as important as choosing a photographer who has the right style for you. 

Follow them on social media and have a phone call or a meeting before committing. Remember, we are the ones that will be with you through every moment of your day so it’s vital that you feel comfortable around us. We are there to capture the tears, the laughs, the nerves, the love, the fun – all the things! 

Trust is a huge factor in this. If you trust your photographer and you get along well with them, you are more likely to relax infront of the camera and this allows us to capture real, emotional and natural moments. I can guarantee, finding a photographer that you truly connect with will result in the BEST images and memories that will be treasured for years and years.”


Blanket Digital

“There is untold beauty in behind the scenes. The things that go unnoticed – the little, spontaneous moments that couldn’t (and shouldn’t) be staged!

Your videographer should be detail driven, notice these moments to encapsulate your day and turn it into a forever film.”


Brittany Ann Bridal:

“When you start dress shopping ALWAYS have an open mind! Most people come in with the idea of what they think they want & end up leaving with something completely different. Let the stylists in the boutique help you! 

I’d say 70% of our brides end up choosing a dress we show them as they look completely different on a bride than they do on the hangers! And finally, only take people with you if you value their opinion! As much as opinions are great, at the end of the day it’s your day & your dress.”


Hair & Makeup by Heather C:

“Don’t leave your favorite supplies until the last minute to book…

Each bride has done her research, looked at other suppliers, and trawled the internet, social media, Pinterest to find the perfect supplier for them. So, when they are not available on your wedding date it’s not only upsetting for the bride but for the supplier too.  

Book earlier rather than later!”


Poppy Pickering Cakes:

“Do your research with regards to your wedding cake designer. Every wedding cake company will have a different style and creative strength. Check out their online previous client reviews and budget your wedding cake accordingly. 

Bespoke professional cake designers are ‘artists’ and the quality of their work, experience & price will reflect this.”


Bonny & Clyde Wedding Boutique:

“​​Always ask what costs are included in the quote! You need to know that the quote you have been given is open and transparent. Make sure it includes VAT, postage and packing, amends to the first design proof (so important!) and the inclusion of envelopes.

If you’re looking for finishing touches to be added to your invites such as lined envelopes or wax seals, check again that these have been included.

Sending out your invitations will often be the first part of your wedding journey so it should be stress free and a whole lot of fun!”


Karen Riley Crave:

“When we got married way back in 1992, I arranged everything myself, every tiny little detail because that’s just the way I am! I wanted to make sure everything was just perfect & it was only until the actual day…

We arrived at our stunning hotel location on Friday 7th August after becoming Mr & Mrs Riley & bang … no tables were set, in fact, they were all stacked up in the corner along with the chairs! No staff, doors closed just an empty place & without going into too much detail … they had got the date wrong.

I can only imagine the commotion going on in the background people rallying round to get things done but our photographer was obviously prompted & took double the time to take photographs (you can see my disappointment quite clearly on our video) & they ran out of drinks at the evening reception & my guests were getting taxis to the nearest off licence!

A wedding planner, in hindsight, would have made sure this was never going to happen & for the expense of the whole day and wanting it to be the best day of your life, this investment would have been absolutely second to none to ensure everything went smoothly. My biggest tip is to hire a planner!”


James Edgar:

“Take some time in the day for yourselves and enjoy some moments together. Remember this whole day is about YOU!”

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