Seven Things To Do As Soon As You’re Engaged

Newly engaged? What to do first?

You’re engaged! Congratulations!

This is the beautiful moment you’ve been waiting for! The sparkly ring is proudly placed upon your finger aaaand you’re getting married! Is there anything more exciting?! The emotions are very high and whilst of course it feels unbelievably exciting, I can totally appreciate and understand that there is a little touch of overwhelm sneaking in too…

Rest assured, I am here to help guide you through every single step of this life-changing moment. I have written this little guide to walk you through the 7 starting steps, from taking the perfect ring selfie to picturing your dream day.

So, grab a glass of fizz and let the planning commence!

1. Soak it all in!

First things first and I truly can’t stress this enough… Soak in every single second of your perfectly formed, newly engaged, little bubble – it’s a huge moment in your life, not to be overlooked, and such a special part of your relationship, make sure you just relax and enjoy the moment. Being as present as possible.

Take as many photos / videos as you can to capture this moment in time – I would even advise to write a little diary entry of how you feel during this time so that you can look back in years to come and relive it a little!

Don’t rush, don’t put pressure on yourself, this is YOUR moment!

2. Telling your family

& your BFFs too (unless you are keeping your engagement under wraps for a while). The last place your nearest and dearest should hear about your lovely news is through social media, so give them a ring (no pun intended) personally and tell them your exciting new status! It’s more than likely your parents may already know what’s been going on and are sitting waiting patiently by the phone for your call!

Small caveat to this… don’t let anyone take the shine away from you by rushing you into plans plans plans. I am ALL for planning, naturally, but be sure to do this on your terms and in your time. Don’t take too many thoughts and opinions in, while all of your family and friends will be super excited for you, be sure this doesn’t turn into too much pressure mounting!

3. Get a manicure!

This can certainly be a DIY job but trust me, your hands are going to be, quite rightly, the centre of attention for the next few weeks (months!!) and not even a chipped nail should take the shine away from the beautiful ring itself – it deserves only the best! Not only that, you will find yourself staring at your left hand fairly frequently so you may want to treat yourself to a spot of colour!

I have linked a cute gel kit here if you aren’t able to nip to your go-to salon – opt for a bridal blush, light a beautiful candle, make a cup of tea and indulge in a little bit of self-care, you are engaged after all.

4. Cheers!

Be sure to celebrate your special moment! With whoever and however you choose to share this moment with, make sure you do take the time to mark the occasion – you want to remember this exciting life event forever.

It could be organising a fizz-filled engagement party or a romantic date night just the two of you, be sure to take it all in and enjoy every single second.

5. Enage-min

I know, I know, Engage-min, wed-min, admin, in general, is not the most romantic – but it is important. Just two little things to tick off the list here… Firstly, get your ring insured. When added as an additional item to your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy, it’s surprisingly inexpensive.

& secondly, just like Cinderella’s shoes, your ring needs to fit perfectly. The last thing you want is it falling off your finger. Organise this with a jeweller as soon as you can.

6. Chat about budgets

Only when you’re ready, this may be your first wedding planning headache… Whilst nobody likes to talk about money, before your wedding plans can really move forward it is essential to have a figure in mind.

If you would like a little bit of advice on allocating your budget please drop me an email and I can help you go through what aspects of your wedding are most important to you… Whether that be the food, the location, the venue, the music, the décor, or the details… We will talk through what’s essential and what’s nice to have. This may involve some compromise, but once you have your priorities in order, allocating your budget will be much easier.

7. Your dream vision!

While many have been dreaming of this special day since a young age, this is IT! Let the fun begin, you can start to visualise your perfect day and start moodboarding away.

Pinterest will quickly become your best friend but be careful not to fall down a Pinterest-shaped rabbit hole, it is the perfect place to gather ideas and inspiration but please remember it is just that! What you will see will no doubt be stunning shoots and weddings, where the budget may have been a little crazy, so creating multiple moodboards to share with your chosen suppliers is an amazing start but always be guided by your budget about what realistically can and can’t be achieved.

Instagram is also a perfect place to scroll through pages of inspiration and also where you can directly engage with and discover your dream wedding suppliers! Dreamy!

This stage is where you can really start to picture your wedding day and get a little idea of what you want it to feel like which is super important, as this is what will drive your decisions going forward. The overall look and feel will be threaded through each individual element of your planning journey, from stationery to florals.

Getting an idea of what your dream day looks like from the very start is essential when moving on to the next step… What to book first.

Once again, embrace this special moment and I am truly here to help, at any stage of your planning journey.

Lots of love,

Alicia x

Photo credit: Emmylou Kelly