My Story

Hi, I’m Alicia, a luxury Wedding Planner & Stylist based on the beautiful Fylde Coast nestled in a little village. I’m a list-lover, fizz-drinker, with a genuine passion for planning & people!

I just wanted to tell you the tale of my story in becoming a Wedding Planner and why I realised it truly was the perfect profession for me!

2020 was a year of ups, downs, twists and turns and for me, it has given me invaluable time to reflect about many, many things. My younger years instantly sparkled into my mind and as I replayed these happy years, a few things began to reveal themselves…

Ever since being a very little girl I dreamt of being a part of special celebrations and I adore making even the traditional family Sunday dinner that little bit more of an event. At just 5 years old, I would dress the dining room table following a slightly different theme each week and even create little name places for everyone. There were only ever 4 of us! I loved leafing through my lovely Grandma’s table linen drawer and creating different serviette designs week by week. My creativity had blossomed from a very early age and has only ever grown since.

At around my tenth year, I waltzed my (unmarried) Aunty and Uncle to view a local wedding venue as I was desperate to attend a family wedding, having never attended one before and with many a weekend spent with Father Of The Bride on repeat, I was ready to see a wedding with my very own eyes! My persistence and passion for their love story resulted in them giving in to my wedding whisperings and they got married only a year later, with myself as the sole bridesmaid. & was I proud! Watching two people I held very dear, cement their commitment together was just spectacular. I will never ever forget it.

From even before this moment, I just knew there was something inside of me that resonated so closely to watching people embrace their love. I genuinely adore helping people achieve pure happiness together, it’s truly what makes me tick!

Fast forward a couple of years and it was my mum’s special birthday. The big 4 0. My mum has always been my biggest inspiration and growing up pretty much just the two of us, I knew I needed to create something particularly special to mark this moment. I began scurrying away, naughtily sneaking through her diary and collecting her friends contact details from her phone book (yes, phone book!) and I sent them all a little handmade invitation. I roped in the help of my amazing grandparents to chef, and liaised with my mums best friend to take her out for a few drinks on the evening of the event. Without her knowing a little thing, I had coordinated an entire celebration, filled with her closest friends, yummy food and of course, fizz! As she arrived back from the pre-organised drinks with her bestie, I ushered everyone into our conservatory (cringe I know!) and as she stepped into the kitchen, the clinking of glasses and general party parade met her with a great surprise! I was pretty impressed with the result at just 12 years old and everyone that attended, most importantly my mum, has truly never forgotten the evening, as everlasting memories were created.

I know these little events may only sound very minor in the grand scheme of things, but this was the work of my pre teenage years and for me, it just proves my genuine passion for planning special events and creating memories.

Bringing it back to 2020 & at the very start of the year, a very dear friend of mine said to me ‘I really want you to help plan my wedding one day Alicia.’ At the time, my friend engagement-ring less, and me having not been involved in the wedding planning profession, I was slightly baffled? (Cue light-bulb moment!) The beautiful wedding seed had been planted and I truly don’t think I will ever forget, that was the moment I realised… A Wedding Planner, that was the life for me!

Jumping straight into gaining as much experience and qualifications as possible, I am proud to say I have completed my planning diploma and am a fully certified Wedding Planner, ready to help create the day of your dreams and tell your story in a way that is uniquely yours. I am here to help every single step of the way!

If you would like to learn a little more about my bespoke services for your wedding or special event please email

& if you have got to the end of my own little story, thank you for reading! It truly means so much!

Lots of love,

Alicia x