How To Create A Wedding Mood Board

A mood – or wedding inspiration – board is essentially a tool to visually communicate the essence of your overall wedding vision… This is how the whole wedding planning process commences – with your dream at the forefront of your mind and your individual love story at the very heart.

Creating your wedding mood board will encapsulate your unique personality, taste and style which is then threaded into every single element across your special day, helping to create a cohesive feel.

By ensuring your wedding vision is included in every step of the planning process will create a completely authentic experience for both you and your guests, making a day that is uniquely yours and ensures everlasting memories are created!

Here are my top tips to creating your very own wedding mood board:

1. Understand your overall theme

When talking about the ‘theme’ of your day, you want to think about the overall ambience you want to achieve through every single last detail. Think about what yours and your fiancees favourite hobbies are, where you like to dine, your go-to holiday destination. All of these things will help to create the picture you want to portray of your very special day.

For instance if you’re into travelling to new places, a destination wedding could be on the cards! Or, if your relationship has blossomed through your requited love for fine dining, a luxury manor complete with a 6-course meal may just be the recipe for perfection!

Your theme, whether it be rustic, traditional, modern or adventure-infused is the starting point for your wedding mood board.

2. Discover your colour palette

Obsessed with bridal blush and crips white tones? Just dreamy! But that doesn’t necessarily mean those are the colours that will work best with your venue, season or overall aesthetic.

Try not to be tied to specific hues and see what emerges naturally taking into consideration what matches your wedding theme, which your venue should already be perfectly paired with.

For example, if you’re opting for a destination themed wedding, based on the coast of Italy, sandy hues could be intertwined into each and every element. Like these beached themed invitations!

3. Tying together your wedding elements

Each and every one of your wedding elements should reflect the look and feel you want to portray. From your save-the-dates and bridal attire, to your lighting and entertainment. The theme you have decided upon should be infused into every, single last detail.

Don’t forget, your wedding stationery is the first little insight your guests will have of your special day. Make sure you get it just right – including your chosen theme, colour palette and textures.

4. Getting suppliers onto the right page

Your wedding mood board is the perfect way to communicate your vision to various suppliers, from bridal attire to florists. This helps to avoid misinterpretation that could arise from relying on just words alone.

Armed with a conceptual mood board, you can work with your suppliers to piece together your specific ideas and inspiration to bring your dreams to life!

Ultimately, your mood board is the stepping stone from concept to reality and is a key part of ensuring your whole wedding design is consistent and helps keep you on track and true to your original vision when new ideas may be seducing you!

My approach to wedding planning will carefully understand exactly what you would like to achieve and together we will work closely to create the day of your dreams, overflowing with beautiful personal touches. To start planning your dream wedding, please complete an enquiry form and we can arrange a complimentary consultation, or email